Just picked up my Cadillac. Got the express interior for 85 bucks. Worth every penny and if the credit card machine allowed tips I would have definitely given a good one. My car looks better than the day I bought it. They cleaned and shined every nook and cranny, and it smells terrific. Highly recommend them. I will be back.

Joseph Orsini

I had my Jeep detailed there before and it came out looking completely new. The amount of detail they put into their work is refreshing these days. To find a business that has been around for this long in todays age is refreshing, it means they are doing something right. Highly recommended.

Joshua Hughes

Did a wonderful job in a short amount of time

Robin Aston

Use Dean's everytime I am in the Bangor area. Very professional

Jennifer Regan

These people really know what they are doing! Made my Mercedes look almost new again. Dog really appreciates a clean seat!

Arthur Harris

We had our 2012 CR-V detailed in May...................WOW!!! What a beauty of a job..... she looked brand spanking new!!!!! And the guys were wonderful & gave me a ride to meet up with my husband! I'd recommend Deane's Detailing in a heartbeat!!! We got the VIP package.........well worth it!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! We'll be back!!!

Joan Carroll-French

I had my car detailed on Monday and truly got back a brand new car! It looks incredible. I highly recommend the guys at Deane's. One thing to keep in mind, remove items from console, cup holders, etc before dropping your car off ... lost my mailbox key while my car was there. They looked for it and called me right back, but it's gone.

amy kenney

Been bringing vehicles here for quite a few years and keep coming back. Great work.

Jace Cohen

They went above and beyond what I had expected. My truck was literally like it came off the showroom floor.

Chris Smith

Did a great job on my wife's car. Highly recommend them.

Mark Laverdiere

My 4 year old SUV looks like new.

Cheryl Hotaling

What a fantastic job on our truck.

Roland Bourre

There were a couple spots that I noticed when I went to pick up my van, and they took care of them right away. Even though one was a stain, they still tried again to take care of it for me! Definitely appreciate their work!

Mary Morrill

Amazing customer service! They did more than the service package offered. I will go back to them for all my car detail needs!

Tyson Nielsen

Great job. Clean smell. Ultra clean interior.

Zack Michaud

I have had interior detailing in the past and have been incredibly happy with it. It has always exceeded my expectations! Today I had my first exterior service and again exceeded my expectations! So impressed! Highly recommended!!

Kimberly Landry

Exceeded expectations! It was my first time getting my car detailed and it looks so good. Friendly customer service, was able to get an appointment quickly, and it was done in a good amount of time for a fair price. Thank you!

Monica Norris

PROFESSIONAL!!! What a beautiful job they performed on our Jeep Liberty. We were so very impressed and would highly recommend. THANK YOU DEANES.

Candice Berry

I want to thank the people at Dean's Detailing for the professional job they did on my car. I had a bad scrap on my car they were able to buff it out it looked brand new. I got the works done inside and out I was so pleased how it looked brand new. I also had my engine steamed cleaned it looks better than brand new. I would recommend 1000% to have their car worked on at Dean's Detailing. I want to ad the people that work at Deane"s are very nice great to talk with.

Joe Leveille

These guys did such a good job! My boyfriend and I went halfsies on a premium deep cleaning for the interior of his car, which really needed it. We dropped it off at 9, picked it up at 3. It looks like a brand new car. They did such a beautiful job, I almost don't want to sit in it. I'll be bringing my car next!

Jennifer Burton

Amazing. My husband truck is a pit. Its gross. Deanes returned it looking better than the day it came home from the dealership. Incredible. I wish their results stay a while.

Sarah B

Deane's team does great work. After an interior detailing, my six year old car has that new car vibe once again.

Steve Ropiak

My car interior looks like how it was when I bought it new. Thank you to the team that cleaned my mess of a car. I appreciate it immensely.

Katherine L.

Very professional, helpful, and kind to customers. I spent more than $300 for "VIP Detail Plus" almost every 6 months but I satisfied all the time. I have a SUV so they charged little bit more than default price but it makes sense because SUV is bigger than Sedans. Highly recommended.


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