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VIP Detail Plus Package

Starting at $345

This package combines the Premium Interior with the Buff & Sealant service.

Premium Interior
Take your vehicle's interior cleaning to the max with our Premium Interior detail. First, we'll give your interior a top-to-bottom cleaning with the Interior Shampoo & Detail service. We'll then carefully apply a fabric protector treatment to all cloth upholstery and a nourishing leather conditioner any leather upholstery. Our Ozone Treatment for foul or lingering odors is also included if necessary.

Buff and Sealant
Restore your vehicle's showroom shine with our Buff & Sealant service. This service is ideal if you want your paint looking its best, especially if you have minor scratches, etching or swirl marks. We'll start out with a full hand wash, including wheels, tires and wheel wells. All exterior surfaces are decontaminated and a clay bar treatment is performed on painted surfaces. After the exterior is clean we perform a three-stage paint correction process using compounds and polishes to remove paint imperfections. A paint sealant is then applied to all painted surfaces providing shine and protection.